Entrepreneur of the Month : Mr. Tobi Doeringer
本月企業家:Mr.Tobi Doeringer

As a new initiative for 2020, InachamHK presents “Entrepreneur of the Month” where we will share insights from at least one of our members about his/her Indonesian business ventures. This month, we have Mr. Tobi Doeringer, CEO of Vabella Limited. As always, for any questions regarding business in Indonesia, please contact us: Info@inachamhk.com

作為2020年的一項新舉措,香港印尼商會推出了“本月企業家”活動,我們將與至少一位成員分享他/她的印尼企業的見解。這個月,我們請到了Vabella有限公司的首席執行官 Tobi Doeringer先生。如有任何關於印尼業務的問題,請聯繫我們:Info@inachamhk.com

What kind of business do you do in Indonesia?

Vabella Limited (Vabella) is invested in several business areas in Indonesia. Our subsidiary PT Private Sanctuary Indonesia is a FDI vehicle for real estate, architecture and management of tourism projects. We have a strong focus on the Lombok Riviera around Mandalika, where we have been on the ground for 9 years and are pursuing further projects the KEK areas Tanjung Lesung and Morotai, as well as other islands such as Sumbawa and Sumba. Having a strong international team of architects in Jakarta, Lombok and Hong Kong, allows us to plan and fully execute projects to international standards. Our wholly owned subsidiary PT Inia Property Indonesia focuses on future growth opportunities as well as hospitality and entertainment businesses. We are currently preparing to open several venues in Bali with plans to expand these concepts throughout Indonesia. With many years of experience in the marine business Vabella has the distribution rights of Sunseeker Yachts in Indonesia. Over the past 2 years we have been working closely with government agencies to reduce the yacht import tax for Indonesia to reach its full leisure and tourism maritime potential.

Vabella有限公司(Vabella)投資於印尼的幾個商業領域。我們的子公司PT Private Sanctuary Indonesia是一家從事房地產、建築和旅遊專案管理的外商直接投資公司。我們將重點放在了Mandalika周圍的Lombok Riviera。我們在當地已經工作了9年,並正在進行進一步的專案,包括KEK地區的Tanjung Lesung 和Morotai以及其他島嶼,如Sumbawa和Sumba。在雅加達、龍目島和香港擁有強大的建築師團隊,使我們能夠規劃和全面執行專案的國際標準。我們的全資子公司印尼PT Inia Property專注于未來的增長機會以及酒店和娛樂業務。我們目前正準備在巴厘島開設多個場館,計畫將這些理念推廣到整個印尼。憑藉多年的海運業務經驗,Vabella擁有SUNSEEKER遊艇在因地尼西亞的經銷權。過去兩年,我們一直與政府機構密切合作,降低印尼遊艇進口稅,以充分發揮印尼的休閒和旅遊海運潛力。

Why Indonesia?

Indonesia has a very strong economy and domestic market. Many people merely look at macro demographics, but if you look at micro demographics of the largest cities Indonesia is probably the strongest developing South East Asian nation with a population of approx. 90 Million – more than Germany. Whilst we do a lot of charitable investments in Indonesia to help developing areas, our business focus is geared towards the strong growth in the Indonesian metropolitan middle class.


What are the challenges?

Challenges are similar to other developing nations, in particular opening to outside investment and technology transfer to support Indonesia on its way to become a developed nation. Under the President Joko Widodo’s administration this has become a lot easier and we hope to see further improvements during this legislative term.


What do you think about Indonesian in 5 years?

Under the current regime we have a positive outlook for the coming 5 years, in particular with a continuation of the large infrastructure improvements, of which many were completed and continue to be pushed forward in President Joko Widodo’s second term. Planned improvements in the ease of doing business, as well as attracting foreign investments will certainly put Indonesia firmly on the world map for foreign investment in many areas.