Entrepreneur of the Month : Ms.Nancy Puteri


Start in this year, INACHAM HK introduces new section of Entrepreneur of the Month which feature a business player and her/his story particularly to Indonesia market. This month, we proudly present Ms. Nancy Puteri.

從今年開始,香港印度尼西亞商會將舉辦「本月企業家活動,我們將與至少一位商會會員分享他/她的印尼企業。這個月,我們請到了Nancy Puteri女士。


What kind of business do you do in Indonesia?


My lingerie brand, Questchic, which is based in Hong Kong, is selling to Indonesia through our online shop.  So we‘re doing business through e-commerce and not physical stores. We have our own design featuring mainly Asian-fit, comfortable and very feminine style lingerie targeting middle to upper class women.
 We also offer lingerie design services and wholesale to Indonesia, but our core business is the retail brand.



Why Indonesia?

I think Indonesia is an attractive and big market, especially in terms of e-commerce. Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and accessible. Recently I found out that the number of smartphone users in Indonesia is predicted to reach more than 100 million. This number will make Indonesia the fourth largest active smartphone users in the world after China, India and the United States. And recent research by Indonesia Googles head of marketing shows that it has the fastest-growing internet economy in Southeast Asia. They‘re not just using smartphones for basic communication needs, the trend now is that due to the development of technology, consumer behaviour has shifted from offline purchase to online shop purchase.  Lingerie is something intimate, shopping such items online would provide a more discreet yet convenient way for customers so they can explore and compare more with just a few clicks and without the need of moving themselves around different shops physically. We provide measurements and different sizes, so this would be pretty straight forward and easy.  Apart from that, Indonesia has the largest number of women by population in SE Asia, so it‘s a huge market for lingerie. Additionally, it has the highest growth rate of high-net-worth individuals in Asia as predicted by Asia Wealth Report.  Therefore, I see huge potential in terms of the demography and spending power.

我認為印尼是一個有吸引力的大市場,尤其是在電子商務方面。智能手機正變得越來越受歡迎和普及。最近我發現印尼的智能手機用戶預計將超過1億。這一數字將使印尼成為激中國、印度和美國之後全球第四大活躍智能手機用戶。印尼谷歌營銷主管最近的研究表示,它擁有東南亞增長最快的互聯網經濟。他們不僅僅是將智能手機用於基本的通信需求,現在的趨勢是由於技術的發展,消費者行為已經從線下購買轉變為在線購物。  內衣是一種親密的東西,在網上購買這些商品將為顧客提供一種更為謹慎又方便的方式,這樣他們只需點擊幾下就可以探索和比較更多的東西,而不需要去不同的商店裡試穿。我們提供測量和不同的尺寸,所以這將變得非常直接和容易的。  除此之外,印尼是東南亞地區女性人口最多的國家,因此它是一個巨大的內衣市場。此外,正如【亞洲財富報告】預測的那樣,印尼擁有亞洲最高的高淨值的個人增長率。因此,我認為在人口和消費能力方面有巨大的潛力。

What are the challenges?

I think one of the main challenges is the cost of transport. At the moment I find the cost of transportation to Indonesia is by far the most expensive in comparison to other South East Asian countries. And for the production, generally, I have very minimal production in Indonesia due to its less competitive pricing in comparison to China and other SE Asian countries. So I‘m actually still in the midst of sourcing some high quality lingerie factories in Indonesia with competitive prices.


What do you think about Indonesian in 5 years?

I have confidence in the development of Indonesia in general, whether economically or politically, especially in the hands of Joko Widodo. Part of his main and foremost plan is to develop the infrastructure for many parts of Indonesia. Linking this to the e-commerce industry, I‘m positive this will also bring development for the industry with faster and more efficient delivery of online orders, especially to more remote regions of Indonesia. And in turns I hope this will reduce the costing in general.

 Indonesian technology has also been developing fast – low cost internet with increasingly reliable connection. The high penetration rate of the internet in Indonesia has enabled e-commerce industry to develop very quickly. With the increasing popularity, development and maturity of the e-commerce in Indonesia, also with the help of more and more online platforms penetrating the whole of Indonesia, consumers in Indonesia are getting more open and confident towards shopping online especially for the more attractive pricing and convenience. So I would say it will be a huge market in the next 5 years.



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