Entrepreneur of the Month: Mr. Tony Ho 

Starting this year, INACHAM HK introduces a new section of “Entrepreneur of the Month” which features a business player and her/his story particularly to the Indonesia market. This month, we proudly present Mr. Tony Ho.

從今年開始,香港印尼商會推出了一個新的“企業家月”欄目,專門介紹印尼市場的企業家及其故事。這個月,我們榮幸地向大家介紹何耀東先生。從今年開始,INACHAM HK推出了一個新的“企業家月”欄目,專門介紹印尼市場的企業家及其故事。這個月,我們榮幸地向大家介紹何震東先生。

Mr. Tony Ho

What kind of business do you do in Indonesia? 

Media World Corporation Limited, our mission is to become one of the best Indonesia foods and household products service providers in HK and China.  
For 16 years, we have built a reputation for quality and service through proactive and caring services. In our consumer goods business, our business covers the entire supply chain and distribution of food products. We offer a wide range of marketing, regulatory and supply chain services and are supported by an international logistics network.

Media World 有限公司。我們的使命是成為香港及中國最好的印尼食品及家居用品服務供應商之一。 

Food products:

  • Sea foods (Shrimp, Lobster , Mub Crab, Ribbon fish, Cutter Fish),
  • Canned Food (Pronas, Benteng, Great Giant Pineapple Brand)
  • Biscuit and Cookie (Kokola Brand)
  • Crab Meat (Seaprime Brand)
  • Ready to Eat Food (Popso Brand)

Household products:

  • Otto Adult diaper, Tessa Tissue.



  • 海產品(蝦、龍蝦、蟹、帶魚、刀魚)、
  • 罐裝食品(Pronas、Benteng、greatgiantPineapple品牌)
  • 餅乾和餅乾(kokola品牌)
  • 蟹肉(Seaprime品牌)
  • 即食食品(Popso品牌)


  • Otto成人紙尿褲、Tessa紙巾。

Why Indonesia? 

Indonesia is one of the biggest and largest population countries in the world. They produce a lot of food products that can be exported overseas.



What are the challenges? 
面臨哪些挑戰 ?

Some of Indonesia’s products, the quality is not up to Hong Kong and China standards. Besides, due to the consumers’ culture and preference differences, Hong Kong people are not much favour Indonesia


What do you think about Indonesia in 5 years? 
你對未來五年內的印尼有何看法 ?

Indonesia export will increase, in line with Indonesia GDP has a high growth.  



Mr. Tony Ho
Media World Corporation Limited
Tel: (852) 2545 4522 / WA: (852) 9268 8426 / Fax: (852) 2854 1820
Email: mediaworldsale@gmail.com  
Website: www.mwcfoodmart.com