Entrepreneur of the Month: Mr. Alex Chu  

Starting this year, INACHAM HK introduces a new section of “Entrepreneur of the Month” which features a business player and her/his story particularly to the Indonesia market. This month, we proudly present Mr. Alex Chu.


What do you do in Indonesia  

Our company buys food and groceries in Indonesia and imports them to Hong Kong. Our company was founded nearly 20 years ago and headquartered in Hong Kong, we wholesale and retail Indonesian food and groceries in Hong Kong. We promote quality Indonesian food and products to local residents and facilitate the purchase of Indonesian products by Indonesians in Hong Kong.


Why Indonesia? 

My parents are overseas Chinese lived in Indonesia, and now live in Hong Kong. I am a member of the fourth generations Chinese families in Indonesia. Although I was born and raised in Hong Kong, I have visited my family in Indonesia every year since I was a child. I have built a deep relationship with Indonesia and gained a deeper understanding of its culture and food products. Indonesia is rich in natural resources, has fertile land, and can produce high-quality crops. Therefore, the company hopes that through the import, wholesale and retail of quality Indonesian products, more People in Hong Kong will know and appreciate Indonesia’s inexpensive and high-quality products.


What are the challenges?  

The communication between colleagues in Hong Kong and Indonesia is not in their mother tongue, but in English, which makes communication more difficult. The differences in culture, life and working pace between the two sides also make the cooperation call for more effort to understand each other. But through close contact and increased mutual understanding, I believe that a good partnership can promote communication.


what do you think about Indonesia in 5 years?  

It is growing fast and will have the highest GDP growth of any south-east Asian country in years to come. With a large population, abundant resources, excellent leadership from the President and government officials, infrastructure investment and personnel training, I am confident that Indonesia will continue to improve its economic and national quality of life and achieve tremendous development.



Mr. Alex Chu 
Director of Forever Harvest Corporation Ltd.  
Tel: 852 3622 2768  
Email: alex.chu@foreverhst.com 
Website: www.foreverharvest.com.hk