Entrepreneur of the Month: Mr. Benson Chang  

Starting this year, INACHAM HK introduces a new section of “Entrepreneur of the Month” which features a business player and her/his story particularly to the Indonesia market. This month, we proudly present Mr. Benson Chang.


What kind of business do you do (or plan to do) in Indonesia?  

I am, a Fellow Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Tax Advisor, the Founder and Group Managing Director of Lion CPA and Lion Consulting Group, based in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Singapore and Indonesia. 

 We are helping clients to transfer / setup their plants / businesses in Indonesia from Hong Kong and China, and vice versa for Indonesian clients. We offer full range of corporate support services to clients’ operations and management with our cross-border experience and local expertise.  



Why Indonesia?  

I am, from the second-generation Indonesian Chinese family, living in Hong Kong and doing business in China. I am familiar with the cultures and behaviour difference among these three jurisdictions. Because of my family background, it encourages me to invest in Indonesia; because of my experience, I help clients to invest in Indonesia and assist them to solve corporate multicultural issues.

Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. It maintains a very good relationship with both China and the US, and it is one of the members of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (“RCEP”). Businessmen not only can export their “Made in Indonesia” products to the US, but also can expand local sales by redomicile their plants to, or set up their businesses in, Indonesia.

我出生於第二代印尼華人家庭,住在香港並在國內有生意往來。 因此我對三地的文化和行為差異都十分瞭解。由於我的家庭背景,所以令我想回到印尼投資;由於我的過往工作經驗,不但可以協助客戶往印尼投資之餘,更能為他們處理解決多文化產生出來的問題。

 印尼是全球第四大人口的國家。它跟中國和美國都一直保持很好的關係,它也是區域全面經濟夥伴協定(RECP) 簽署成員國之一。企業家可在印尼設立業務或廠房,除了可把「印尼製造」的貨物輸往美國之外,更可以拓展印尼當地內銷生意。

What are the challenges?   

The challenges are mainly come from the following issues:

  1. The uncertainty and often changing laws and regulations;
  2. Low educational level and working attitude of labour; 
  3. Indonesian product quality is not up to international standards; and 
  4. Unstable power supply.

We will always be staying alert to the latest regulation updates and development. We have to setup the internal policies and procedures, as well as provide on-the-job training to ensure all operational activities and product quality are meeting the standards and requirements.


  1. 法規經常改變而產生不確定的營商風險;
  2. 勞動人員的教育程度偏低和做事態度也比較慢;
  3. 一般人都認為印尼產品的品質都比較差;及
  4. 電力供應不穩定。


How do you see Indonesia in 5 years?  

Faced with escalating global trade tension, Indonesia adopted a strategy to minimize the risks and optimize the benefits. There is recognition that the Sino-US trade war could potentially benefit the Indonesia economy, through relocation investments or expansion of factories in Indonesia away from China. 

Furthermore, Indonesia is one of the members of RCEP. It is expected to eliminate a range of tariffs on imports among member countries within 20 years. RCEP, the new free bloc, will be bigger than both the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement and the European Union. So, plan well now to enjoy the benefits both from China and Indonesia! 


此外,印尼是RCEP的成員國之一。預計將在20年內取消成員國之間的一系列進口關稅。 RCEP是個新的自由貿易體系,其覆蓋範圍將大於美國-墨西哥-加拿大協定和歐盟。因此,現在就策劃好發展路線,同時享受中國和印尼為企業帶來的經濟好處!


Mr. Benson Chang 張新彬先生  
Managing Director of Lion Consulting Limited 名策專業商務有限公司  
Tel: +852 3749 3948 
WhatsApp: +852 9144 8336 / WeChat: LionCGlobal / Dr_BChang  
Email: bc@lionhk.com 
Website: www.lioncglobal.com / www.lioncpa.hk / www.lioncpa.cn