Entrepreneur of the Month: Mr. Hayden Lui 

Starting last year, INACHAM HK introduces a new section of “Entrepreneur of the Month” which features a business player and her/his story particularly to the Indonesia market. This month, we proudly present Mr. Hayden Lui. 

從上年開始,香港印度尼西亞商會將舉辦「月度最佳企業家」活動,我們將介紹企業家以及他/她在印尼市場的商業經歷。本月,我們榮幸介紹我們的董事會成員 雷子俊先生。

What kind of business that you do (or plan to do) in Indonesia?  

Our Group of Companies kicked off as a System Integrator since the early 90s in Indonesia. We understood that going digital was the best way forward. As such we made a decision to secure a stronger foothold in the industry by collaborating with FinTech – backed by our very own Bank Perkreditan Rakyat.

我們集團公司從上世紀90年代初開始在印尼成為一家系統集成商。我們明白數位化是發展前進的最佳途徑。因此,我們決定通過與金融科技合作,在我們自己的銀行 Perkreditan Rakyat 的支持下,在該行業獲得更強大的立足點。

Why Indonesia? 

Indonesia has the capacity to meet the basic needs of its population of over 270 million with its sizeable amount of farmable land. Our group sees a large potential in the agriculture and food related sectors. Efficiency in productivity and supply chain management could definitely be improved and benefit from digitalisation and technology development.

We recognised that the biggest to benefit from digitalisation would be Koperasi Unit Desa (KUD). We therefore seized the opportunity to work with them. Partnering with KUD has proven to be a strategic move as they are the largest national cooperative network of more than 9000 cooperatives which our group actively invests in eco-system in agri-tech, supply chain financing, cold storage and distribution network across the archipelago.

印尼擁有大量的耕地,有能力滿足其 2.7 億人口的基本需要。我們集團認為農業和食品相關行業潛力巨大。生產力和供應鏈管理的效率肯定可以提高,並受益於數位化和技術發展。

我們認識到,從數位化中收益最大的將是(KUD)。因此,我們抓住機會與他們合作。與KUD的合作已被證明是一項戰略性舉措。因為他們是由 9000 多家合作社組成的最大的全國合作社網路,我們集團積極投資於整個群島的農業技術生態系統、供應鏈融資、冷藏和分銷網路。

What are the challenges? 

The Indonesian government has been working hard towards creating a relevant regulatory framework to stimulate the economy. The initiative focusing on digital economy has made an invaluable contribution to the GDP of the country for the last few decades. Boasting more than 17000 Islands, the continuous development of basic infrastructure, logistics & telecommunication network in the less-developed areas will push to boost the economic growth in Indonesia.

印尼政府一直努力建立一個相關的監管框架,以刺激經濟。過去幾十年來,以數字經濟為重點的倡議為該國的國內生產總值作出了寶貴貢獻。印尼擁有 170,000 多個島嶼,欠發達地區基礎設施、物流和電信網絡的不斷發展將推動印尼經濟增長。

How do you see Indonesia in 5 years? 

Our assessment is that in the foreseeable future digital and technical development will seamlessly integrate into people’s daily lives and have a positive impact on businesses. What is evidently clear is that the country will reap the benefits that the Free Trade Agreement (AHKFTA) with Hong Kong and the implementation of the RCEP has to offer. This will only prove to stimulate the Indonesian economy further to its full potential.



Mr. Hayden Lui 雷子俊先生 
CEO of Ezeelink Indonesia, 
CEO of ezeePasar, 
Board of Advisor of Aneka Infokom Tekindo, 
Representative of Shareholder of Bank Koperindo Jaya 
Office Tel: +62 21 63870456 
Mobile & WhatsApp: +62 812 8421328 
WeChat: hayden7034 
Email: hayden.lui@ezeelink.co.id