Entrepreneur of the Month: Mr. Wilson Chan  

Starting last year, INACHAM HK introduces a new section of “Entrepreneur of the Month” which features a business player and her/his story particularly to the Indonesia market. This month, we proudly present Mr. Wilson Chan.


What kind of business that you do (or plan to do) in Indonesia?  

We have a plastic and electronic toy factory in Gresik that has been operating since 2013.  Our toys factory has standard plastic injection machines, spray booths, assembly lines, sewing machines, IC bonding and SMT machines, roto casting ovens, and sewing machines.   We also recently started our printing factory in Surabaya in late 2020 with one Heidelberg machine.

In the future, we plan to add two more plastics and electronics products factories – one will start production in mid-2021, and the other will start in 2022/2023.



Why Indonesia?  

Indonesia population ranks fourth in the world, with most of its people live in Java Island.  This ensures we have ample supply of workers at reasonable salary.


What are the challenges?  

Communication and efficiency of workers are two of the biggest hurdles.  But with years of training, we have slowly overcome these challenges.  Workers are now with reasonable efficiency that is comparable and sometimes even faster than corresponding workers in our China factory.


How do you see Indonesia in 5 years?  

Indonesia has high potential among South East Asia developing countries.  The situation is in some ways similar to China in the late 1990’s.  With government heavy investment in infrastructure, such as opening of the main freeway system on Java Island, we expect Indonesia to grow at a very rapid pace.  Further, with recent tax law changes, we believe more overseas investment will consider Indonesia as an attractive option.



Mr. Wilson Chan 陳嘉佑  
Assistant General Manager 
Handsome Industrial Co. Ltd. 恒信實業有限公司  
Tel: +852 2858 1198  
Email: enquiry1@handsomegroup.com  
Website: www.handsomegroup.com