Entrepreneur of the Month: Miss April Lam  

Starting this year, InachamHK introduces a new section of “Entrepreneur of the Month” which features a business player and her/his story particularly to the Indonesia market. This month, we proudly present Ms. April Lam.


What kind of business do you do in Indonesia?  

I am the founder of Aello Consulting which provides end-to-end services to help companies to expand to Indonesia from strategy advisory to implementation with a focus on consumer goods including fashion, beauty, watches, food, toys and wellness.

Our clients are mostly based in HK yet with business ties with Indonesia.  They come to us for a few reasons: first is to build an integrated O2O solution to drive sales volume through ecommerce; and brand image through offline sales channels and marketing activities. Second is to understand the full picture of ROI so they could make sound business decisions.  For example we are currently working with Lee Kum Kee Hong Kong to market their new products to the Indonesian community in HK by running a series of digital and offline product launch activities.

我是 Aello 諮詢公司的創始人,我們公司提供端對端的服務,説明企業在印尼擴張,從戰略諮詢到實施,專注於消費品,包括時尚、美容、手錶、食品、玩具和健康。

我們的客戶大多在香港,但與印尼有業務聯繫。他們來找我們有幾個原因:一是建立一個完整的 O2O 解決方案,通過電商拉動銷量;通過線下銷售管道和市場活動樹立品牌形象。其次是要全面瞭解投入產出比,這樣他們才能做出合理的商業決策。例如,我們目前正與李錦記香港合作,通過開展一系列的數位和線下產品發佈活動,向香港的印尼社區推廣他們的新產品。

Why Indonesia?  

I have been in luxury retail and brand consultancy most of my working life, one of my ex-clients was Danone Indonesia and that’s how I started doing business with this market since 2007. Later I was relocated by my former employer to Bali and worked there for 5 years. During the past decides, I saw consumerism on the rise in Indonesia making branded and affordable luxury consumer products highly sought-after, coupled with digitalization that changes everyday life at nano speed, I reckoned it was an opportunity not to be missed and so I started Aello in 2016.  

我工作的大部分時間都在從事奢侈品零售和品牌諮詢,我的前客戶之一是印尼達能(Danone Indonesia),自2007年以來,我就是這樣開始在這個市場開展業務的。後來,我被前雇主調到巴厘島,在那裡工作了5年。在過去的決定中,我看到印尼的消費主義正在興起,品牌和平價的奢侈品非常受歡迎,再加上數位化以納米速度改變著人們的日常生活,我認為這是一個不能錯過的機會,所以我在2016年創立了Aello。

What are the challenges?  

The ambiguous and ever-changing regulations particularly on customs, tax, industry licensing, logistics and government administration are double-edged swords for us. On one hand these create uncertainties for my clients to put a cap on the human capital front and project costs structurally; on the other hand, this is also where we add value to their businesses and alleviate their pain. Thus ensuring our internal team to catch up with the latest regulation has become an essential part of our services, and it is extremely time consuming.



What do you think about Indonesia in 5 years?  

With greater digital connectivity gives stronger sense of newfound individualism and the size of middle class is on course to double to 62million by 2030, this new genre of consumers want experiential excitement, newness and focus less on price points. Business owners need to spend ultra-resources on creating such physical experiences on top of building a robust digital & social presence. Riding on these, traditional industries and products might make a comeback if the branding is done right. Made-in-Indonesia products will also be more accepted by the rest of the world as the “country brand” arises.

To HK business owners specifically, the Free Trade Agreement signed between HK and Indonesia government and the visionary Jokowi governance is a leap for businesses in Greater China to invest in Indonesia at lower costs.




Miss April Lam 
Aello Consulting Company Limited 
Email: april.lam@aelloconsulting.com 
Website: www.aelloconsulting.com