Entrepreneur of the Month: Ms Sunarsih Krisfilia  
月度最佳企業家:素娜茜 菲尼雅

Starting this year, InachamHK introduces a new section of 「Entrepreneur of the Month」 which features a business player and her story particularly to the Indonesia market. This month, we proudly present our board member Ms. Sunarsih Krisfilia.

從今年開始,香港印度尼西亞商會將舉辦「月度最佳企業家」活動,我們將介紹企業家以及她在印尼市場的商業經歷。 本月,我們榮幸介紹我們的董事會成員 素娜茜 菲尼雅 女士。

What kind of business do you do in Indonesia?

Sentosa Global Creation is a well-established international importer / exporter and Manufacturer’s Agent based in Indonesia. SGC specialize in the Export of Raw Material, Skin Care, Food & Frozen, and a variety of other commodities. We promote and expand the market for the China Imports and Exports in goods and services and general trade with Europe, Africa, US, Asia and the Middle East.  Develop and perform activities that promote trade and increase the competitiveness of the export sector.

我們公司PT.Sentosa Global Creation是一個在印尼有著良好商譽的國際進出口商和製造商代理的公司。 我們是一家專業出口原材料、護膚品、食品和冷凍品以及各種其他商品的公司。 我們促進和擴大中國與歐洲、非洲、美國、亞洲和中東的貨物和服務進出口以及一般貿易市場。發展和開展促進貿易行為,增加出口行業的競爭力。

Why Indonesia?

Indonesia is my home town, I grew up in Karawang, until 11 years old I moved to Hong Kong to study.  I understand both cultures well and I am bilingual, it helps in my business success.

印尼是我們的家鄉,我在加拉橫長大,直到11歲我才去了香港留學。 我既會講兩種語音又有中印文化背景,這對我的事業成功會有所幫助。

What are the challenges?

Raw material trading is a high-risk business, many customers fall in a trap and are unable to get their money back.  To create business deals diligently is a big challenge, especially in Indonesia which has a different culture. Some resource providers who were involved in the project were not well educated, we rely on our multicultural problem solving mindset to solve problems and prevent trading fraud.

原材料交易是一項高風險的業務,許多客戶會陷入陷進並且無法拿回資金。 努力創造商業協議是一個巨大的挑戰,特別是在印尼有著不同的文化。 一些參與項目的資源方沒有受到過良好的教育,我們會依靠我們組合的思維方式來解決問題,防止交易欺詐。

What do you think about Indonesian in 5 years?

Raw material is important component of consumer products, I think raw material market supply and demand will increase rapidly in future, Indonesia’s infrastructure is conducive for digital business environment.  In the new era, I believe Indonesia will trend towards smart trading model, paper work will be replaced by digital technology, smart people earn smart money.

原材料是消費品的重要組成部分,我認為在未來原材料市場供需將快速增長,印尼基礎設施適合數字化營商環境。 在新的時代,我相信印尼將朝著智慧貿易模式發展,傳統的書面工作將被數字化技術所取代,聰明人賺聰明錢。


Ms Sunarsih Krisfilia 
Director of Trillion Group International Limited
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