Board of Director in INACHAMHK

Mr. James Hartono – President of INACHAMHK

James is an Indonesian citizen with 17 years of working experience in China. He is a Founder   and Chairman of Yester Healthcare Holdings Company Ltd. Hong Kong stock exchange listed   company 2393: HK. James is an Alumni of Harvard Business School 2016. He is honoured  citizen of Nanning city. James is also appointed as President of INACHAM China.

Mr. Brian Chan – Vice President of INACHAMHK

Brian is a second generation Chinese Indonesian, born and raised in Hong Kong, and has been   actively developing businesses in Indonesia since 2013, namely in Renewable Energy   (biomass),  Nickel Smelting. Graduated from Purdue University with a Degree in Bachelor of Arts   majoring in Communications. According to Brian, “INACHAM can help to promote FDI by   referring  reliable institutions, companies, and individuals to entities that are interested to enter the Indonesian market”.

Ms. Rinita Ekasari – Director, External Affair and Public Relations

Rinita has an extensive experience in architecture, construction, project management, real estate’s sales with multiple projects across Asia region.  She holds a bachelor degree from Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB) and an MBA from University of Manchester, UK.   “INACHAM should able to be a strong Indonesia-Hong Kong business platform and give a great  support to all business makers,“ Rinita said.

Ms. Zaujah Catherine Ng - Director, Members Benefits and Recruitment

Zaujah Catherine Ng is an Indonesian-born Chinese with a long family history with excellent connections.  She has strong observation skills, excellent interpersonal relationships, and promotes cooperation among various groups.  She strong understands of universal market and brand development since over 20 years have deeply experience of business exchanges in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and overseas markets.  She is a Founder and Chairman of KEIZA International Ltd since 2003, Catherine graduated from Business Management of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School, Accounting of Stanford University in Singapore.

INACHAMHK, being the first recognized official Indonesian business chamber in the HKSAR, she will effort to assist Inachamhk to promote the development of business exchanges between Indonesia and Hong Kong and bring more cooperation, mutual benefit and friendly close partnership.

Ms. Sunarsih Krisfilia – Director, Information and Communication Technology

Sunarsih is the CEO of PT Sentosa Global Creation – the International Trading Company- and a   founder of Ko Fung Technology – the I.T. Company. She is also a accomplished speaker,   businesswomen, and leader. Sunarsih has a Master of Science degree in Computer and  Information Systems Security/forensic, from UK. Sunarsih has more than 12 years of experience  in I.T.

Mr. Andrew You – Director, Industry Advisory

Mr. Andrew You was educated at Purdue University and graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Law).  He held executive positions with public and private sector in HongKong, Shanghai, New York and Jakarta for over 15 years.  Based in Jakarta since 2018, Mr. Andrew was leading JD.ID (part of in departments of Corporate Business Development, B2B Solutions, Government and Investor Relations.  In 2020, he took up the role as CEO of Ranch Market Group Ecommerce building mobile applications and O2O ecosystem for their supermarket retail business.  In 2022, Mr. Andrew founded a B2B ecommerce platform in Indonesia focusing in e-procurement and B2B financing.  He also currently holds several public roles ie. Board Member of Indonesia- Hong Kong Business Association (IDHKBA), Board Member of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (INACHAMHK) and Committee Member of Shanghai Municpial Government Qingpu District Overseas Friendship Association

Mr. Tony Ho – Director, Seminar and Exhibition

Tony is a second generation Indonesian Chinese. He graduated from California State University   Fullerton. He is currently a General Manager of Media World Corporation Limited. Tony has 20 years’ experience in International trade. Other than INACHAM, Tony is also involved as a   Founder of International Entrepreneur Alliances and Co-Founder of Junior chamber International   Jakarta (JCI Jakarta) .

Mr. William Tjia - Deputy Director, External Affair and Public Relations

William is an Executive Director of Deson Development International Holdings Limited. He   graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree in   Information Systems “INACHAM is working closely with the entrepreneurs from both Hong Kong and Indonesia with the support of Consulate General Republic of Indonesia. In this case, both   commercial and government resources can be obtained for our members in order to explore the business between Indonesia and Hong Kong,” William said

Dr. Benson Chang - Deputy Director, External Affair and Public Relations

Benson is a second-generation Indonesian Chinese with over 30 years’ extensive experience in accounting, tax and corporate advisory services. He is a Fellow Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Member of Singapore Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser, Certified Tax Agent practizing in China, Certified ESG Planner® and Arbitrator. He also holds a Post-Doctoral degree in Corporate Governance, a DBA, a LLD, a LLM and a BBA(Hons) degree.

He is the Founder and Group Managing Director of Lion Group; Managing Partner of Lion Golden Certified Tax Agents in China; Tax Partner of Lion CPA Limited in Hong Kong and MT & Partners LLP, a Singapore Chartered and Public Accountants firm; President Director of PT. Lion Konsultan Indonesia, and Official Representative of PT. Jakabeka Tbk in Greater China. He promotes and assists investors from Hong Kong and Mainland China to enter into Indonesian market, and vice versa.

He currently holds several public roles: Council Member and Chairman of International Affairs Committee of The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business; Vice President of Shenzhen Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment; Committee Member of Business Affairs and Mainland Affairs of The Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ & Exporters’ Association, Executive Director of HK Federation of Fujian Associations.   

Mr. Alex Chu - Deputy Director, External Affair and Public Relations

Alex is a member of the fourth generation Chinese Indonesian, born and grown up in Hong Kong, graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Degree in Bachelor of Finance.

He is the Director of Surya Trading Company Limited and Forever Harvest Corporation Limited, with the mission to promote quality products from Indonesia to Hong Kong. The Companies were awarded “Best SME’s Award 2022” presented by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business and “Indonesian Diaspora SME of the Year” of The Consulate Awards 2020 presented by Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong.

Miss Linda Lau - Deputy Director, Industry Advisory

Being the manager of Ying Fat Hong (HK) Plastic Material Ltd., a plastic compounds  manufacturer with business covering Hong Kong, Mainland China and Indonesia, exploring the   potentiality among the three significant regions is one of the most interesting experience I have   encountered. According to Linda, “INACHAMHK, being the first recognised official Indonesian   business chamber in the HKSAR, it opens an entrance for more and more business exchange between Indonesia and Hong Kong”.

Mr. Tony Tam - Deputy Director, Seminar & Exhibition

Master of Information System Management, active in social service, Chamber of Commerce and   the commercial area for over 10 years. He is the founder of International Entrepreneur Alliance Youth Department which has appointed a number of young individuals in education and training   in  Hong Kong and the Mainland government, and facilitated operations between Guangdong   and  Hong Kong. He has received numeral awards from the Hong Kong S.A.R. of Home Affairs Department and the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong and Asia Pacific Outstanding Chapter President Award

Mr. Hayden Lui - Deputy Director, Information & Communication Technology

Mr. Hayden Lui was born and raised in Hong Kong, and finished his higher education in the United Kingdom. In 2004, he started pursuing his career in Indonesia, and has stayed in the country since then. In his near two decades of assimilation into the country, Hayden has developed a thorough and unique business perspective about Indonesia, especially in the Digital Sector. While managing the family business, he handled operations ranging from raw material production to finance and digital business, which led him to notice the vast income disparity existing in the society. Hence, he has developed a great passion to improve the lives of the lower income segment of the Indonesian population through technology. He hopes by joining InachamHK, he will be able to create value for China-Hong Kong-Indonesia.

Mr. Andrea Sutjiatma Joeng – Deputy Director, Members Benefits and Recruitment

Andrea is the Financial Advisor from Father Financial Planning Services Ltd. He is strong in   Financial Analyzing and Asset Allocation planning. With his 3rd Generation of Indonesia born   Chinese background, he strong understands of Indonesia culture and etiquette and the ASEAN market. He is highly experienced in hosting seminar with “Belt and Road Initiative” , and   organizing a DD trip to ASEAN countries. He has many successful cases in advising investors to invest ASEAN countries.

Mr. Tidus Ho – Deputy Director, Members Benefits & Recruitment

Tidus graduated from the University of Warwick, UK with a Master’s Degree in Engineering Business Management. He is co-founder of Magnet Marketing Limited with more than 10 years of hands-on management and marketing experience, during which he helped companies across diverse industries achieve business growth. “Inacham HK will become the bridge to connect Indonesian and HK business.”